A pasty, a pastry, a coffee and a book

Having a wafer with your ice cream is soooo boring. Get a book with your cone instead.

Signed copies of Blackwatertown are now on sale over the counter at The Deli in Chalfont St Giles. But wait, I hear you say, that’s not even a bookshop! True. There’s no bookshop near me. But there is a very friendly deli which serves delicious food (and a great cafĂ© when it’s safe to reopen it – pandemic times).

I highly recommend you visit The Deli and the other booksellers listed on my Buy The Book page. (Check out the cool map of locations.) They’re what make our streets a joy, rather than a wasteland.

But bookshops come in different guises. Fox Lane Books in Yorkshire runs pop-up bookshops in various locations round that huge county. They’re constrained from running physical stalls at the moment (pandemic again), but they also have a very well curated bookselling website here where you can order a copy Blackwatertown Thank you Fox Lane Books.

Hmmm… I’m suddenly feeling a bit peckish…

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