Paul Waters
Paul Waters

Paul Waters is the author of Blackwatertown, published in paperback (softcover) and ebook by Unbound and audiobook, on 23rd July 2020. He is also an award-winning BBC producer and the co-presenter of the We’d Like A Word books and authors podcast, which was shortlisted for 2020 Books Podcast of the Year.

Paul grew up in Belfast during ‘the Troubles’, was involved in cross-community peace groups and went on to report and produce for BBC Northern Ireland, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 Live, the BBC World Service and Channel 5.

His claim to fame is making Pelé his dinner. But Paul has also covered elections in the USA, created an alternative G8 Summit in a South African township, gone undercover in Zimbabwe, conducted football crowds, reported from Swiss drug shooting-up rooms, smuggled a satellite dish into Cuba to produce the first BBC live programmes from the island and produced the World Service’s first live coverage of the 9/11 attacks on America.

Paul has taught in Poland, driven a cab in England, busked in Wales, been a night club cook in New York, designed computer systems in Dublin, presented podcasts for Germans and organised music festivals for beer drinkers. He lives in Buckinghamshire and has two children.