Join me at the BBC’s Big Book Weekend

The silver lining that comes with setbacks is seeing how people overcome them. Book festivals have been cancelled and postponed because of the need for social distancing in times of coronavirus. Noireland in Belfast was supposed to happen in March 2020, but has had to be postponed till October 10th this year. I hope to see you there. In the meantime, Noireland, the BBC and the My Virtual Literary Festival website have got together to provide an online version. Loads of festivals are involved from 8-10th May.

Clockwise: Alan Judd, Jane Casey, Gary Donnelly, Liz Nugent

I’ll have the privilege of chatting with four ace crime and thrillers writers with an Irish connection at 3pm on Sunday 10th May – and you can join in too. My guests are Liz Nugent, author of Our Little Cruelties; Jane Casey, author of The Cutting Place; Gary Donnelly, author of Blood Will Be Born; and Alan Judd, author of Accidental Agent. I’ve read them all and I highly recommend them. They’re also great chatters. I hope you can join us live or watch later.

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