Cross-examined by a champion

Courtrooms are daunting places. The witness box is even scarier. I’ve been there. But up against such a daunting inquisitor as Tony Kent. He’s one of the UK’s top criminal barristers, as well as the author of a gripping series of thrillers – Killer Intent, Marked for Death and Power Play. I’ve read them all. You should too. He seems to have a uncanny and downright suspicious insight into how things really work in the corridors and oval offices of power.

So subjecting myself and my book Blackwatertown to his cross-examination sounds pretty unwise. Add in that he was a boxing champion and a stuntman for Gladiator… well, it’s no wonder that I completely black out at one point. You can see it plays out here…

Tony Kent Writes…and Cross Examines – Paul Waters, author of Blackwatertown

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